Premium Quality, Freshly Cut

Nothing satisfies your family’s hunger and nutritional needs like beef. Packed with ten essential nutrients, beef helps fuel healthy and active lifestyles at all life stages. High-quality proteins, like lean beef, provide the right amounts of essential amino acids, or “building blocks,” the body needs, and function properly.

With a wide variety of lean and affordable cuts of beef, you and your family can feel good about enjoying beef as often as you like.

Featuring Angus Beef and fresh pork cut daily by our professional meat cutters who welcome your special requests.


Quality Deli - Trays Available

Whether you’re planning a party or gathering for ten or fifty, we can help. We have numerous varieties of platters for any occasion.

From fruit and veggies to meat and cheese – our trays are fresh, attractive, and most importantly delicious!

Ready for when you need them!


Garden Fresh Variety

Give the best to your family and yourself. Fruits and veggies provide great taste and nutrition. Providing the highest quality produce available is our objective. To achieve this standard, we purchase from local growers, as well as growers around the world, ensuring products are at the peak of their seasons.

Stop in and add some color to your next meal. We have Garden-Greens, Luscious-Reds, Passionate Purples, Outrageous Oranges, and Sunny-Yummy-Yellows waiting. You’re sure to love the flavors and each provides a great source of needed nutrition.

Check out what’s in season right now!

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